Владимир Иванович Воловач, Константин Владимирович Анфалов


This article is about using of M-sequences to synchronize the data transmission system in a busy telecom channel. The concept of expression and proposed for the determination of the coefficient of acceleration input system matching. Transmission equipment uses a noise-signal for the united transfer single messages and the main voice signal, but in connection with the united transmission of two useful signals in one-frequency channel issues arise noise immunity. In the simultaneous transmission of two signals in one frequency channel to consider their mutual influence, which in fact can be compensated by including applying error-correcting coding. For a correct choice of the service data signal to be determined, primarily, their maximum level, and a number of other features. Substantiated and solved the problem of synchronization of the service data transmission system based on the noise-like signal recognition, given as a combined M- sequences. There’re expressions for determining the time based on correlation sequences. In the example values were calculated acceleration ratios for combination of sequences of different lengths and with different numbers of constituent sequences. The calculation of the comparative rate of acceleration input in synchronism. The values of the combination coefficients for acceleration sequences of different lengths and with different numbers of constituent sequences. The article considers the problem of synchronization transmission system based on the noise-like signals detection. Combined M- sequences were chosen as a noise-like signal. The solution of this problem allows determining the most effective noise-like sequences and methods for their generation. The article estimates different sequences and compares the system performance of synchronization by comparing acquisition times. The dependence of efficiency the synchronization system, parameters of combination sequences. A comparison of the effectiveness different methods obtaining the combination sequences based on analyzing the correlation properties sequences and the calculated acceleration factor enter in synchronism. There is a logical block diagram implementing the principle combining the components of the sequences with the appropriate logic function. A block diagram of the correlator implements a combined search sequences.

In conclusion is formulated, in which method input data synchronization system based on a combination of sequences provides a significant gain in time compared with the conventional method with stepwise correlation length transmitted with the same sequences.

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