R. Ismakov, A. Popov


At the modern stage of the improvement and elaboration of new tools for drilling and repair of wells, an agreement of geometric parameters and flow process properties is necessary not only of the tool as a whole or its functional systems, but of the component parts of the functional systems with an actual distribution per them of kinematics, power and energetic characteristics of the mode of its operation. Such approach to the solution of this problem requires a statement and fulfilment of detailed researches of work relating to a wear for each system of the tool and its components. For ex, as for a rotary bit’s support its functioning and wear of bearings, sealing properties, a lubrication system operation, lubricants in specific conditions of the support’s functioning. Detailed research works, carried out at the university, allowed to underline weak parts of each system and concentrate efforts of the scientists, firstly, on the achievement of equal-strength of tool’s components, and then, on the elaboration of it at a new qualitative level.
This article is based on researches of the mechanical processes in mining rocks and rock- destruction tools, which started under the leadership of professor L.A. Shreiner and were continued at USPTU under the leadership of Prof. M.P. Mavliutov in the direction of a dynamic destruction of mining rocks when drilling and hydraulics of the zone attached to the well; Prof. A.I. Spivak in the direction of mining rocks abrasion and wear-resistance of rock-destructive tools and Prof. G.V. Konesev in the direction of tribotechnique, applying to the conditions of wells’ drilling.
At present, a complete school of researchers of these problems was formed at USPTU, and the authors of the represented article are included in this structure as well.

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