Y. Spector, O. Denisov, A. Shchepetov, V. Alexandrov, A. Gruzdev


For oil and oil products storage tank batteries are equipped with the vertical cylindrical steel tanks with the volume capacity up to 50 thousand m3. The tanks are the complicated engineering constructions, extremely sensitive to the differential settlements of soil bases which provoke lack of parallelism, rakes and a tank form change. When a tank hydraulic testing, the differential settlements and rakes often occur that exceed the standard values. Tank bases and pads evaluation includes settlement determination, engineering- geological survey, technical state inspection. According to the evaluation results, the conclusion on the possibility of the subsequent tank service and, if necessary, the recommendations on repair and reconstruction of the base are given. The main methods of a tank base repair and reconstruction are soil stabilisation, pads strengthening, penetration of piles of different construction.

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