Adeel Ahmad, Mithilesh Kumar Jha


Pakistan economy is growing steadily. This growth demands higher energy consumption and consequently putting high pressure on countries economy. Pakistan mainly depends upon oil and gas resources to fulfil energy requirements .Indigenous resources of Oil are not enough to quench energy thirst of the growing economy. As a result Pakistan has to import large quantity of oil and oil based products from Middle East countries. Gas reserves in the country are enough for current gas requirements. So natural gas is playing a key role in power sector. Currently in oil upstream and down stream sector there are some local and international companies involved and government of Pakistan is establishing such policies that it can attract more international investors in this sector but the rapid pace of change, high degree of uncertainty and unstable political situation of the country present significant challenges and risk to foreign investment .Objective of this paper to highlight the present status of petroleum industry in Pakistan and its future prospects keeping in view the internal fluid situation and geo political condition of the region.

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