M. A. Tokarev, R. G. Islamov, G. A. Shamaev, A. N. Chervyakova, V. B. Smirnov, K. H. Ginullin, M. M. Tazie


The state of the art of development of the majority of oil-fields of Russia is characterized by growth of almost unrecoverable of residual reserves in headers of a composite constitution at a high water cutting of well production. The raise of performance of digging with almost unrecoverable reserves requires special scientific studies.
We esteem a system of selective control of intensification of process of development including hierarchical approach to learning a plant, statistical simulation of processes of development on various instants, estimation of potential possibilities of a plant on efficiency and blow- down recovery, optimization of methods of a bottom-hole zone treatment and a plant as a whole with the purpose of meliorating performance oil recovery and new methods of check by the dynamics of oil saturation of a bench during development. All this allows to forecast and to drive the process of development.
The methodology, considered by us, is resulted on an example of large oil producing region encompassing northwest of Bashkortostan.

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