Ahmed Gawish, Emad Al-Homadhi


The Objective of this paper is to clearly investigate the effect of some factors on oil- water relative permeability curves under certain reservoir pressure and temperature. In literature, the effect of different factors on relative permeability of oil-water systems have been studied under ambient room conditions. However, treatments studies dealing with the effect of factores under reservoir conditions are few. Therefore, in this study, wettability alterations, brine chemistry, clay content, and their impacts on relative permeability curves under particular reservoir pressure and temperature were studied. Pore pressure, pore pressure drawdown and their combined effect with overburden stress and brine chemistry on relative permeability curves were also investigated at reservoir conditions. The relative permeability was calculated using JBN method.
In conclusions, the change of wettability from water wet to mixed wet gives relatively higher relative permeability to oil at high and medium oil saturation in the core samples. But at low oil saturation the relative permeability to oil becomes lower in mixed wet than in water wet.
At reservoir temperature, the oil relative permeability increases at all oil saturations compare with room conditions. This effect may be not due to the change in wettability but due to the change in viscosity ratio.
The effect of clay content on all permeability types (absolute, effective, relative permeability, relative permeability ratio, and fractional water flow) was bad due its damaging effect.
The increase of net overburden pressure cause decrease in the relative permeability of oil, however, its effect on relative permeability of water was negligible

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