• I. Lakatos
  • J. Lakatos-Szabó
  • S. Trömböczky
  • I. Munkácsi
  • B. Kosztin
  • G. Palásthy


By joint application of silicates and polymers, a multifunctional, self- controlling chemical system is formed which works spontaneously even under harsh reservoir conditions, meanwhile the methods remain inexpensive, flexible and adaptable to any production technologies. A concise summary of the technique, its principle and mainly field projects are discussed in the paper.
It was shown that the silicates, combined with polymers offer unique opportunity to cure numerous production/injection problems including water-shut- off, profile correction, gas coning, etc. in oil and gas fields. Between 1980 and 1998 the field projects, comprising more than forty well treatments, yielded substantial additional oil production, life time of wells were extended and the overall profitability of the field was significantly increased, meanwhile environmentally friendly chemicals were used. Therefore, the Hungarian experts are convinced that the polymer/silicate method is reasonable alternative wherever and whenever the application of bulk or surface gelation or deposition is arising.

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