Adel M. Hemeida, Ahmed Gawish


Clear brines are used extensively as workover fluids because of their low damage characteristics. This work was conducted to study the physical properties of potassium and zinc bromide brines and the compatibility of these brines with different API gravity Saudi crude oils and formation water. Also, the effect of temperature on brine viscosity was studied. It was found that true crystallization temperature for potassium and zinc bromide brines were (-14 C) and (-25 C), respectively. These brines were found incompatible with the tested Saudi crude oils where stable emulsions were formed but light crude oil (42 OAPI) was compatible with potassium bromide. Also, potassium bromide brine showed compatibility with formation water while zinc bromide was incompatible with formation water because of NaCl scale precipitation. The tested brines have shown non-Newtonian (dilatants) behavior and the viscosity of brines decrease with increase in temperature. Viscosity - temperature correlations were found for the tested brines with high accuracy.

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