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A well constructed horizontal production well can assure the most advantageous flowing conditions when the fluid content of the yield gas is not separated to a considerable extent in the environment of the bore bottom. However, in case of wells producing a high gas- fluid ratio, the intensive separation of fluid and gas in the horizontal section may cause failures of the well structure. For the time being, there is a serious uncertainty concerning hole gripping, system pressure and the effect of well structure influencing flow conditions. The clarification of effects influencing the flow conditions in a horizontal well section could be an important step in preventing the expected production problems, as well as from the point of view of the construction of a suitable well structure. The present study reports on a series of tests for investigating the mixed flow of gas and fluid in a horizontal well section. Conditions of the design and development of the investigation equipment are presented. In the following, the analysis of horizontal well sections is proposed to be a factor to be considered in well design. During the investigation, flow diagrams have been made to analyze the impact of the casing liner - producing pipe on the flow chart.

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