Madhu Pillai, Eric Sandelands, Ganesh Ashokan


This paper focuses on the strategic opportunities available in the upstream oil and gas sector. It analyses the current market structure in the Middle East and examines options for companies active in the mid-stream and down-stream sectors within the region to develop new business in the upstream sector. This paper is essentially a corporate case study. The methodology adopted combines a literature review with sampling and information gathering approaches to a relatively small number of key industry players and opinion formers. There are some specific low risk opportunities for medium sized engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) companies in upstream off shore area with some common options for organic growth and acquisition. Key acquisitions may form part of an overall growth strategy and companies pursuing this route need to prepare accordingly, especially for post acquisition integration. This case study article draws upon qualitative primary data from a relatively small number of key people. It will have influenced the conclusion of this research. A broader study is recommended, however, this research has been conducted in areas that are highly sensitive for companies and in which relatively small numbers of key decision makers hold major influence.

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engineering procurement and construction;oil and gas;value chain

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