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The Hungarian Oil and Gas Company (MOL), the partially state- owned successor of the Oil an Gas Trust, has an accumulated experience, good staff and equipment-park for oil production. The MOL is one of the largest among the Hungarian companies and it is the only integrated oil company of central-east Europe. Hungarian fields has become matured in the last decade. To compensate the production decrease, and to use effectively the accumulated expertise, MOL is getting to spend $432 million for foreign exploration and development in next five years to explore medium- size, low-risk fields. MOL’s first agreement was signed in 1991 with the Tunisian State Oil Company, and the most recent one with Pakistan is dated by 11 February 1999. The MOL has exploration agreements with Yemen, Syria, Egypt, Qatar, Greece and Albania as well.This paper examines the petroleum fiscal conditions of the above listed countries with purposes, how do these regimes reflect the aims of these countries in developing their hydrocarbon resources, as well as how do these regimes fit MOL’s strategy?

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